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Private and semi-Private Horse Riding lessons and Hacks

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Equine Assisted Learning and Therapeutic Centre

A chance for adults and children with learning difficulties, behavioural problems, a lack of confidence and mental health problems to build a partnership with our horses.


We focus on building a trusting relationship between horse and person to help promote a better outlook on life and chance to forget your differences

We offer one to sessions that may involve riding, but this is not esstential. Sessions involve handling, watching and bonding with our horses to:


• Learn new skils through play

• Bond with the horses through grooming, handling and leading

• Understanding horse language

• Learn how to take care of a horse

We also offer individual and family based sessions

New Skills


•Improved communication

•Handling / Grooming Horses

•Balance and Co-ordination


•Physically Involved

Improved Mental Health


•Reduced Stress


•Building Confidence



The Result .....


I just wanted to write to thank you so much for all you have done for our family. As you know we have struggled with many things over the past few years and the difference that coming to Old Moor Farm has made to us has been transformational.

The farm offers our little one a very calm setting just to be. With the structured routines, the rhythm of activity of caring for horses, the sensory input from all the daily tasks, and the wide-open space set within the farm boundaries, the farm has become an essential part of our life. It is a perfect setting for anyone feeling super anxious, whatever medical diagnosis they may have (or not!). At times my little one and I have enjoyed special time when we have cared for horses together, and I knew nothing at all about a horse before you showed us together. This was especially effective in preparing us to access psychotherapy, we were previously unable to participate in therapy with our consultant psychologist, but when we built in a visit to the farm first the sessions really started to be of value.

Life before the farm was a series of less than useful therapy sessions, social workers, phone calls from school requesting that I collect my dysregulated little one,  and general daily melt downs. The therapeutic environment of the farm has a very regulating impact on my little one (and me!) and in turn this means that we can get through the trials and tribulations of daily life outside of the farm.

In more recent times, we have been unable to cope with the challenges and pressures of secondary school, and by increasing farm activities and levels of responsibilities for our little one at the farm, we have noticed an increased capability in daily life away from the farm. In consultation and discussions with you we have maintained the balance and continued to build in areas of confidence and nurture- vital for continued emotional and social development.

We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us.


Yours sincerely,

An adopted Mum

For more Details please contact Katie on 07729 529 042 or [email protected]